About Us

We are a 4th Generation Family Business!

We were first introduced into the industry as Diamond Cutters over 100 years ago.   Through perfecting the technique of diamond cutting, to building our Inventory and client base for 4 Generations, we have become an unparalleled  trusted name and source for Diamonds, Fine Jewelry and Gem Stones for Thousands of families!

With a foundation and mission built on integrity, impeccable craftsmanship, education and responsible sourcing, we offer our clients and potential clients an extremely unique opportunity to purchase and cherish their Jewelry.

Because we manufacture almost all of our jewelry collection ourselves, our quality control is extraordinarily high and consistent.   We calibrate our diamonds and gemstones within a tenth of a millimeter, and cherry pick the cleanest and most vibrant diamonds and gem stones before our jewelers masterfully set them.

We use cutting edge technology to Custom Design Jewelry with our clients.  We are able to show you Computer Animated Designs (CAD) through email to ensure the designs are coming out exactly as you imagined.  

Please browse our online store or visit us in person in New York City.

Try Us, Begin a Tradition. 


Dylan Berkowitz