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Computer Aided Design

Computer Aided Designing (CAD) allows YOU to Imagine, Create, Design and Invent your own Jewelry…sound interesting? The designs are meticulously drawn up on a sophisticated computer software program by a specialized and trained expert. Using a special wax printer, the jewelry design is printed one layer at a time in wax. That wax is then casted in your metal of choice and your jewelry comes to life!

You can create an idea from scratch or use an existing piece of jewelry as your inspiration to design one tailor made to your style and preferences.

How it works;

     Contact us by email or call 212-575-1075 to discuss what you would like to create.
     If you wish to proceed, a CAD will be generated and emailed for your viewing to confirm it is precisely what you had in mind.
     If need be, we can even show you a wax model or casting of the item to further ensure it is exactly as you pictured it.
     The gem stones are then set and the piece is polished by expert craftsman.

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